“Yearend 2016 Guide to Looking Your Best”

For some it may have been the year of a lifetime, for others they might be glad to see January and 2017 so close around the corner, but either way 2016 is coming to an end. The end of the year means cold weather but it also means get together, parties, and social gatherings. This year as you attend the mandatory office holiday party or dinner at the in-laws house, make sure you show up looking your best!

Hair and Nails

We aren’t telling you that you can neglect your hair and nails the rest of the year, but this time of the year is especially important to stay on top of your hair and nail appointments. It’s easy to damage nails with all the extra holiday chores. Also, if you are extra busy with other holiday plans, just look at it as an opportunity to treat yourself to something nice. And, for some of the more formal events you can even get your makeup and eyelashes done! How many times a year does that happen?

Fashion and Accessories

It would be really nice to have the ability to buy an entirely new wardrobe every year, but that would bankrupt almost all of us out here. That’s exactly why it’s important to shop smart! Look for sales in outlet malls in your area and online. For some of the best deals in fashion and accessories, go to Madewell.com and see exactly what kind of great steals you can find. They constantly have the newest styles at the best prices.


The winter can be a difficult time for shoe fashion depending where you live. Some of the few might be lucky enough to wear their same formal shoes all year round, others have to get creative. Look through the sales for different styles that you like, keep a special eye open for boots and shoes that look cut but still durable in rough conditions; you never know what shoes you’ll be wearing when your car gets stuck in the snow.


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