The Best Source Of Copper Metal In The European Continent

The use of metals by humans has been noted back to 8,000 B.C. which is as far back as good records were kept in many civilizations. At the time, copper was being extracted from minerals and used in making coins for trade, jewelry, and ornaments for decorations. Then, about 3,000 years later copper was found to be used in making tools that replaced those made from wood, stone and sea shells. Of course, metals were much stronger, sharper, and longer lasting than many of the stone age articles, and some of those are still being found today in archaeological digs throughout the world.

Copper Is Easily Shaped Into Tools

The beauty of copper is it’s ability to be shaped into many different items through molding, stretching and hammering, it resists corrosion for hundreds of years, conducts heat and electricity quite well and is pretty to look at. It has been used for an unlimited number of products by civilizations for thousands of years and continues to be popular today.

In the modern world copper is used extensively in construction, electrical power distribution, electric motors, machinery, vehicles, wiring, plumbing, roofing, appliances, telecommunications, heating and cooling, and thousands of important applications. There wouldn’t be many types of industries if it weren’t for an abundant supply of copper on earth.

One Of The Main Sources Of Copper In The US And Europe Is Recycled

Since copper has been in use in so many different applications and for so long, there is quite a bit of it in use at any given time. Much of that copper gets recycled and reused due to its high value in the marketplace. When a car is turned in for recycling, one of the first metals that is scavenged is the copper, as it is much more valuable by the pound than the surrounding steel and iron.

So if an industry needed plenty of copper for a new product, there most likely would be plenty already in the system at the local recycling stations throughout the world. If larger quantities of copper were needed, there are aggregators of recycled copper that can bring together container loads and trainloads of copper to be used in almost any industrial setting in Europe.

If Finding Large Amounts Of Copper In Europe Is Important

There quite a few businesses that can be located on the internet. There happens to be a supply glut of copper at the time of this writing, due in part to the slow down in China. The Chinese had been buying huge quantities of copper worldwide for use in manufacturing of many products from electric motors to electronics, and had purchased the future rights to buy copper throughout the world as well. Lately they’ve stopped the practice of buying everything available, and this has created a temporary glut of the metal for the time being.

Purchasing copper in Europe is as easy as doing a quick Google search and making some phone calls. There is plenty on hand in large amounts throughout the entire continent at the present time, and the prices are as low as they’ve been in quite some years.

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